Tuesday, March 20, 2012

About Cisco Academy

As the popularity of technology and the Internet increases, more individuals are becoming aware of the considerable benefits of pursuing a career within technology.  Cisco, one of the world’s largest consumer communications technology manufacturers has implemented a program that is designed to meet the specific needs of individuals who are interested in embarking on a technology career.  With the help of the  Cisco Academy, individuals from all over the world are given the opportunity to follow a career of their dreams.

The Cisco Academy is a specially designed program that works with both private and public organizations to provide resources to people who are interested in ICT (Information and Communications Technology).  The Academy provides these individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to advance their careers, whether it be for college-ready students or those who are simply looking to expand their knowledge base.  The program courses are available at a wide range of high schools, universities, and community colleges across the United States and Canada.
The courses are designed to help diversify the knowledge that the average student has within the field of ICT to prepare them for acquiring their desired qualifications.  It will also explain all the necessary steps towards acquiring qualifications that are accepted and recognized by industry leaders all over the world.  Many individuals take these courses to develop their computer skills or to simply understand the inner workings of communication technologies.  This program is offered for free in some cases (by non-profit schools) and provides the necessary support to meet industry standards such as STEM, Common Core Standards and FIT.
The world has become a technologically advanced society, and having the necessary technology skills is now exponentially beneficial.  The Cisco Academy provides cost-effective coursework and curriculums designed to teach the required skills that businesses all over the world have high on their priority lists.
The program has a wide variety of course levels, which are appropriate for different types of students, from kindergarten, through grade 12, to college and university students.
The program features include:
  •  Cisco Packet Tracer: a lab simulation that can be used alongside the coursework
  • Interactive teaching guides
  • Online tests and assessments
  • Grading books
  • Educational games
  • Interactive case studies
  • Support communities for students and teachers to help better understand the material provided
Students can choose to cover the full range of program course, which would give them the opportunity to broaden their knowledge across a variety of different aspects of ICT.  Alternatively they can opt to study only the topics which are appropriate to them.  The courses include:

1. IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software
In this course student learn about the fundamentals of computers and receive an introduction to advanced computing concepts.  Successful students will receive a CompTIA A+ certificate.

2. CCNA Discovery 1-2
In this course students learn about general networking theories, as well as having opportunities for experience, career exploring, and soft-skills development.  Successful students will receive a CCENT certification.

3. CCNA Discovery 1-4 and CCNA Exploration 1-4
This course focuses on the foundations of advanced networking, including both theory and practical application.  Successful students will receive a CCNA certification.

4. CCNA Security
This course covers core security aspects and students will be given the opportunity to develop the necessary skills to troubleshoot, install, and monitor networks in order to prevent intrusions.  Successful students will receive a CCNA Security certification.

5. CCNP 1-4
In this course students will learn the skills required to install, monitor, configure and troubleshoot large-scale networks, as well as learning how to manage wireless, voice applications and security applications. Successful students will receive a CCNP certification.
Whether you are a high school student looking to find the perfect career or if you are simply looking for a way to expand your general knowledge of communications technology, enrolling in the Cisco Academy could prove to be extremely beneficial.  With an abundance of materials and innovative teaching techniques, Cisco has presented individuals all over North America with the opportunity to pursue the career of their dreams.